LDTD® Technology

The Laser Diode Thermal Desorption® technology for mass spectrometry is a patented process allowing for ultra-fast, accurate and precise analysis of your samples

This patented ionization source offers outstanding analytical performance in pharmaceutical, bioanalytical, forensic, food and environmental industries and performs exceptionally well in other analytical fields.

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A breakdown of the LDTD process :

  1. Low volume (0.1-10 μL) of extracted liquid sample deposited onto LazWell™ well surface
  2. Sample is rapidly dried
  3. Indirect thermal desorption of sample using precise Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode
  4. The desorbed neutrals are transported using compressed Air
  5. Ionization occurs using Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Reaction (APCI) without solvent
  6. Ions are formed and introduced into MS for detection

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Performance Characteristics

Luxon 960 and 3840

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Interested in learning more about how the LDTD® can revolutionize your laboratory?

Send us your samples and we will generate a report according to your needs and agreed evaluation criteria. The evaluation can be performed on the LDTD – Laser Diode Thermal Desorption Ion Source 96-well or 384-well configurations as well as your choice of preferred Mass Spectrometer platform:

  • ThermoFisher TSQ Vantage – Triple Quadrupole
  • Waters XEVO TQ MS – Triple Quadrupole
  • AB Sciex 5500 Qtrap with SelexION (optional)

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Based on availability of demo instruments and on a case by case basis, we can send the Luxon Ion Source to your facility and a Phytronix Application Scientist will perform the system installation, provide training, and assist you for one (1) week in your method development. Following this initial week of method development, the LDTD Ion Source is on loan for up to three (3) additional weeks for your evaluation. There is no charge for labor, installation, training, method assistance or the additional three weeks of use. The only charge is for the LazWell™ plates used during the evaluation period. All previous models (LDTD)  can be made available for your on-site evaluation.

LDTD - Laser Diode Thermal Desorption Ion Source

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