LDTD® Technology

The Laser Diode Thermal Desorption® technology for mass spectrometry is a patented process allowing for ultra-fast, accurate and precise analysis of your samples

This patented ionization source offers outstanding analytical performance in pharmaceutical, bioanalytical, forensic, food and environmental industries and performs exceptionally well in other analytical fields.

Discover the LDTD® Technology

A breakdown of the LDTD process :

  1. Low volume (0.1-10 μL) of extracted liquid sample deposited onto LazWell™ well surface
  2. Sample is rapidly dried
  3. Indirect thermal desorption of sample using precise Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode
  4. The desorbed neutrals are transported using compressed Air
  5. Ionization occurs using Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Reaction (APCI) without solvent
  6. Ions are formed and introduced into MS for detection

Performance Characteristics

Luxon 960 and 3840

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