Your mass spec workflow has never been this fast.

Prep your samples, dry them on your LazWell plate, stack ‘em in the Luxon and start it. Best part is, there are virtually no false positives when using the LDTD technology, so it’s the perfect alternative to your EIA screening methods. Wanna do it even faster? With our Luxon-HTS model, you can go below 1 second per sample. Talk about high speed analysis!

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LazWell Loader

Stack up to 10 plates or use a robotic arm to insert the LazWell plates in the Luxon with our LazWell Infeed System.

LED Ring

These flashy LEDs keep you informed on the progress of your analysis.

Motorized Column

Stretch or collapse the Luxon to fit it to the height of your mass spectrometer.

Naturally Flexible

Easily move it around to swap out instruments.

Ion Source Interface

Connect it to your Thermo, Shimadzu or Sciex mass spectrometer to get your super fast results. Click on your preferred mass spec manufacturer to get more information.

So what’s in it for you?

Up to 3600

Nb of samples / hour


Less Expensive per Sample than EIA


Faster than EIA

Application Fields

Toxicology / Forensics

In Toxicology and in Forensic testing, time is the biggest enemy. It is therefore crucial that the screening time be the shortest possible without compromising on accuracy or specificity. Whether it is for Substance-Abuse or Prescription Drug Monitoring (PDM) testing, the Luxon Ion Source allows you to analyze samples in less than 8 seconds per sample and without those pesky false positives. Since its first introduction in the field in 2008, millions of samples have been analyzed on a daily basis thanks to our technology.

Clinical diagnostics rely on accurate measurements to precisely quantify biomarkers in patients. These results can greatly impact the decision-making of doctors when a treatment is needed. Toxicology and therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) rely upon rapid and accurate measurement of drugs and their metabolites in biological fluids. With the LDTD® technology, the identification and quantification of immunosuppressants, cholesterol, vitamin D and testosterone, to name a few, become rapid and precise every single time.

Pharmaceutical and Contract Research Organizations (CRO) are subjected to strict analysis regulations by their local overseeing entities (i.e. the FDA in the US). For instance, in early drug discovery, a new chemical entity (NCE) must undergo rigorous evaluations based on the Absorption-Distribution-Metabolism-Excretion-Toxicology (ADMET) system. It is critical to determine if a NCE is a go or a no-go for further clinical trials. Discover how our LDTD® technology dramatically increases the analytical throughput and the turnaround time for multiple applications, while attaining unequaled precision. Let us help you make important decisions faster.

Societies all over the world are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality of the food we ingest and the environment we live in. Characterization and quantification of pathogens both in food and in the environment are of paramount importance for the control or avoidance of public health issues. The LDTD® technology allows robust and ultra-fast contaminant detection without having to prepare extensively complex samples. This innovative procedure even allows to analyze complex matrices.


LazWell Plate

LazwellDEC Plate

LazwellAD Plate

LazwellHDE Plate

LazWell Plate

The LazWell plate is the standard model used in most analysis. As for all other types of plates, it is available in 96-, 384- and 1536-well formats.

LazwellDEC Plate

The LazWellDEC (Desorption Enhancing Coating) plate is designed to enhance analysis of polar compounds, whether acidic or basic.

LazwellAD Plate

The LazWellAD (Acid Desorption) plate is used to desorb acidic molecules found in loaded matrices. It is very efficient for drug tests.

LazwellHDE Plate

The LazWellHDE (High Desorption Efficiency) plate is used to analyze molecules in organic matrices.

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