This lab companion will fill your need for a reproducible way of sample prepping and depositing your samples into LazWells. The Azeo Liquid Handler combines traceability, integration and user-friendliness for a simple way of processing your samples without getting tangled up in transcribing every single barcode number into your batch.


With three integrated barcode scanners, your samples will be followed and verified from A to Z. No manual scanning or inputting is necessary.


The touchscreen interface makes it quick to start the protocol with a simple click. The user-friendly software allows you to focus on the most important things: making sure your analysis runs smoothly and your coffee doesn’t get cold.


Luxon Batch Creator – Azeo allows your sample list to be downloaded from the Azeo Liquid Handler and transferred to the mass spectrometer. Your batch is then easily generated with all your data.

Easy Sample Prep Programming – We do it for you!

The Azeo Liquid Handler comes with a pre-installed sample preparation protocol designed in-house at Phytronix based on your needs and your consumables. No need for you to learn coding or to rack your brain to figure out the best path to take: we do it for you.

The carousel can be customized to your needs! We can:

  • Modify the height to better fit your vials.
  • Make the bottom of the carousel magnetic.
  • Allow you to remove parts of the carousel to fit into other instruments (incubators, sonicators, etc..)

A custom carousel would fit your needs? Send us a message!

This nifty little pedestal allows you to fit 3 Tecan Troughs (25 mL or 100 mL) and slide it under the carousel on your deck. Neat huh?

Pretty sleek looking vortexer, don’t you think? It will definitely knock your boots off with these specs:

  • Accuracy: ± 20 RPM
  • Max plate weight: 200g
  • Can go up to 3000 RPM
  • 3.0 mixing orbit
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect for 96 and 384 deep-well plates

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