Who we are

Phytronix stands out by its ability to think outside the box. Our "Janis-Joplin-rebellious" side has allowed us to change the references of the mass spectrometry field by innovating and proposing exceptional solutions to our clients problems. Nothing is impossible here. This confidence, which is far from arrogance, pushes every individual to do more, to want to perform, because everyone feels valued and successful in what they accomplish. The positive vibe, the freedom at work and the respect everyone shows makes it is easy to work with a smile on your face or to crack a well placed joke. We, the team, are the priority of this company.

Our Specialists

Our team is made up of physicists, chemists, biochemists, as well as technicians and technologists in different fields. Needless to say, these specialists are supported by a wonderful administration squad composed of chartered professional accountants and administration professionals.
The "PhytroGroup" has the chance of being extremely versatile, multidisciplinary, and most of all, tight-knit. We are living proof that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, because day after day, we create things that are larger than life. We are very proud of the audacity of our team.


The headquarters of Phytronix can be found in Quebec, in the Quebec Metro High Tech Park. Our freshly renovated installations give us the chance to be able to innovate, manufacture, research and party when the occasion presents itself.

Our Timeline

Founded at the start of the millenium (2000), Phytronix is one of the most important professional firms in analytical instrumentation and services for laboratories in Canada. But that’s not all! We are also a lead player in the high-throughput mass spectrometry field. For more than 20 years now, our growth is based on our innovation of unique and niche products.


Our cofounders, Jean Lacoursière and Pierre Picard, were happily eating pizza when they had their epiphany: smash together "Physics" and "Electronics". "Phytronix" Technologies was born.


ASMS: First exhibit where we brought the WOW factor to the scientific community by presenting the LDTD technology.


Sylvain Letarte leaves Quebec City, his hometown, to found Phytronix Instruments Inc. in Blainville. First patent for the "LDTD" technology accepted!


Heeeere we go! First LDTD is delivered in our neigbourhood (Québec, Canada)


"The Famous Napkin" Event. A distribution contract is signed with Thermo Fisher.


Pascal Bélisle, with his considerable experience in instrumentation, joins the management team at Phytronix Instruments.


Distribution contract is signed with AB Sciex.


Distribution contract is signed with Shimadzu.


And boom! First Luxon is delivered to Massachussetts (USA)


The "Triple Ion Source" patent is accepted.


Since our team dreams of becoming cowboys, Phytronix Instruments decides to open an office in Calgary.


Separation of the two Phytronix branches and new super duper branding!


Design and commercialize innovative and disruptive scientific instruments. Make every organization in our field be more efficient, more precise and better structured by offering versatile technologies that are designed to have the maximum impact on all the facets of their analyses.


Develop technologies for the scientists of tomorrow that will revolutionize their way of operating and permit them to enter a new universe full of knowledge.




Let’s break it down : LDTD

Laser Diode Thermal Desorption is the ultimate technique for processing a high amount of samples in no time. Find out about how this technology works and how the Luxon Ion Source benefits from it.

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