LDTD Technology

A cooled Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode Array and a heatsink to disregard room temperature variations.

The Fiber Optic Collimator allows unmatchable thermal uniformity at the back of the LazWell plate without having to directly interact with the sample.

A low-volume sample (50nl-10μl) is deposited on the LazWell plate and then fully dried. The patented LazWell design allows for the formation of a precisely centered nanolayer on the well surface.

The rapid and robust pneumatic design ensures that the gas-phase neutral molecules are carried from the LazWell plate to the mass spectrometer inlet while sealing the transfer tube to avoid any sample loss.

The thermally desorbed neutral molecules are carried into a corona discharge region to undergo ionization.

High-efficiency protonation and strong resistance to ionic suppression characterize this type of ionization and is the result of the absence of solvent and mobile phase.

With that kind of speed, you’ll be laughing your mass off.

Laser Diode Thermal Desorption, more commonly known by its smaller more intimate name, LDTD, is a sample introduction technique for mass spectrometry, developed by the scientists at Phytronix. It relies on creating ions in a matter of seconds by corona discharge and then transferring them to the mass spec, all done at atmospheric pressure. As its name suggests, a laser is used to desorb samples deposited in a sample holder called LazWell.

Analysis process

  1. Low volume samples
  2. No liquid waste management
  3. No carryover, no memory effect


Nb of samples/hour


Times Faster than LC/MS and EIA


Less Headaches

First-Class Accuracy...

Get the accuracy and reproducibility desired everytime you use a LazWell plate. The precisely calibrated gas flow system and the stability of the fiber-coupled laser diode allows the Luxon Ion Source to stay constant throughout its daily use.

... and Quantitative Results

Accustomed to the quantitative results of the LC-MS/MS? With the LDTD technology you won't give up any of that. Since it also uses mass spectrometry as a detector, the same concepts apply.

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and development

Phytronix was built on the idea that together, anything can be done. Even designing the fastest process in mass spectrometry. When clients came to us wondering how they could take their analyses further, we took it upon ourselves to create a technology with no mobile phase, minimal cleaning, no vacuum and a quick analysis time. That is how our team landed on thermal desorption. Using a very specific gas transfer tube configuration, some optical tweaking and a laser diode, the Laser Diode Thermal Desorption technology came to life.