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Axino is the perfect ion source to go in and analyze up to four samples, depending on what you or your client's immediate needs are. It's the most flexible of the LDTD products and will ensure you get the right results at the drop of a hat.

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Domino Slot

Insert your Domino LazWell plate into the slot to start analysing quickly.

LED Target

This LED target allows you to see when your analysis is over and any other delevant Axino status.

Ion Source Interface

Connect it to your Thermo, Shimadzu or Sciex mass spectrometer to get your super fast results.

Ion Source Interface

Connect it to your Thermo, Shimadzu or Sciex mass spectrometer to get your super fast results.


Why choose the Axino for your analyses?


Secs to swap from LC to Axino


Gas requirements



Application Fields


In Forensic testing, cases need to be solved in the crunch of time. Quantitative results are needed quickly and without much fuss or sample prep. Axino Ion Source is a simple yet effective tool to obtain these results when they are needed most. Our Domino LazWell™ Flip is the perfect sample holder to collect samples from swabbed surfaces on the field, such as in cases where explosives are presumed to be present or not. For airport border control, the Axino coupled to a triple quad mass spectrometer is the perfect device to get a result in 10 seconds.

When drugs of abuse need to be tested in a variety of matrices, the screening time needs to be the shortest possible without compromising on accuracy or specificity. Whether it is for Substance-Abuse or Prescription Drug Monitoring (PDM) testing, the Axino Ion Source allows you to analyze samples in less than 8 seconds per sample with the Domino LazWell.

In cases where an overdose is suspected during hospital triage or following an incident on the road that may involve the influence of drugs, Axino Ion Source can quickly analyze biological samples such as saliva collected from the individual. With its small footprint, this technology can be implemented in the emergency care area of a hospital or in a police station, allowing on-site analysis of the samples collected.


Domino LazWell Plate

Domino LazWell Flip

Domino LazWell Plate

The Domino LazWell is the standard model used in most analysis where samples are in liquid form.

Domino LazWell Flip

In cases where swabs are used to collect samples, the Domino LazWell Flip is used to deposit the samples directly without sample prep before the analysis with Axino Ion Source.

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