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Are you looking for an all-in-one centrifuge? Or a very specialized one? Whatever the needs of your team, Ortoalresa has created an extensive line of centrifuges for every type of laboratory: from the most elementary, for hospital applications and clinical analysis labs, to microbiology departments, research centers, quality control labs for drinks, food and different production processes, etc.

Ortoalresa has segmented its line in two: centrifuges for general applications and centrifuges for special applications.


General applications are defined by their use of commonly used tubes. For any query about tubes considered “common”, visit https://ortoalresa.com/en/guide/of-equipment/

Special applications follow specific standardized processes, and the type of sample support is defined in the regulations of these particular fields. Phytronix distributes the centrifuges for the tissues and lacteal/vet applications. They can be found here: https://ortoalresa.com/en/products/

The very versatile Biocen 22R centrifuge can work with tubes from 0.2 mL to 15 mL

The Dilitcent 22R is the largest of their benchtop centrifuges and has a wide range of accessories

Which one should I choose?

To start off, a centrifuge configurator is available at https://ortoalresa.com/en/configurator/. This tool will help you make a preliminary choice for your centrifuge. If you aren’t certain the configuration is right for you and you wish to discuss with an expert, a representative at Phytronix can help you choose the right centrifuge for your needs. Contact us to get more information.

To find products: https://ortoalresa.com/en/products/

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Watch an Ortoalresa system in action:

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