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Luxon Ion Source®

The Luxon Ion Source® is the fastest process for mass spectrometry

The Luxon Ion Source® is the second generation sample introduction and ionization source based on the LDTD® technology for mass spectrometry.
It offers outstanding analytical performance in pharmaceutical, bioanalytical, forensic, food and environmental industries and performs exceptionally well in other analytical fields.

The Luxon Ion Source® is fully integrated on most mass spectrometers, including:

Its performance and ease of use are explained by several features, such as:

  • < 1 second sample-to-sample analysis
  • Plug-and-play
  • Low volume samples
  • No carry over, no memory effect
  • Uninterrupted automated workflow
  • No liquid waste management

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Thermo Scientific® Shimadzu® Sciex®

The Luxon Ion Source® is available in analysis of 96, 384 and 1536 well plates.
The LazWell™ are barcoded to allow sample traceability and are exclusively designed for the Luxon system.

Principle of operation:

Luxon Ion Source® uses Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode to obtain unmatchable thermal uniformity giving more precision, accuracy and speed. The process begins with dry samples which are rapidly evaporated using indirect heat. The thermally desorbed neutral molecules are carried into a corona discharge region. High efficiency protonation and strong resistance to ionic suppression characterize this type of ionization, and is the result of the absence of solvent and mobile phase. This thermal desorption process yields high intensity molecular ion signal in less than 1 second sample to sample and allows working with very small volumes.

Operating principle of the Luxon Ion Source®


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