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CERTUS Flex – Liquid Dispenser

The CERTUS Flex Liquid Dispenser is a gem when it comes to automated contactless liquid dispensing.

This apparatus allows for high throughput dispensing without ever compromising on precision, accuracy and speed.

It has been designed to increase productivity in various sectors such as in:

  • Drug Discovery
  • High Throughput Screening
  • Cancer Research
  • PCR and Protein Crystallography
  • Genomics and Proteomics Research
  • Cosmetics Development and Testing
  • Food Technology and Nutritional Science

In a matter of seconds, you can build a calibration curve or dispense any liquid on a microplate, accurately and precisely – every single time.

The two basic versions come with either 5 or 8 individually controlled channels. Each channel can be equipped with different valves, depending on the physical properties of the liquids to be dispensed.


The CERTUS Flex with 8 individual channels

The CERTUS Flex is a truly versatile liquid dispenser as it allows to work with a variety of different sample types such as aqueous buffers, alcohols, solvents, detergents, cells, DNA/RNAi, proteins and even oils.

Watch the CERTUS Flex in action:

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