FAQ Series: How Can We Get the Area Count of Such a Large Number of Samples in a Single File?

Back in July, we published an article about a frequently asked question we have at Phytronix. We often get asked how many analytes we can analyze within a single sample. If you missed it, click here to read it!

Usually, the follow-up question is: How can you acquire the data of a whole plate in such a short amount of time? And the answer is: using a Single-File acquisition system…

At Phytronix, we know that data collection and management is a crucial part of lab work, and our aim is to simplify and accelerate everyday tasks.

With that in mind, we developed a new software called LazScreen.

Its purpose is to take a multi-sample file from any mass spectrometry software and split the file so that every peak can be integrated automatically and separately with the configured method. This allows for the acquisition of up to 1536 samples in a single file and transfer the data directly into the LIMS system. This way, no manual integration is required and data processing becomes easier and faster.

A simple drag-and-drop is required to complete the task!

The software can also display a heat map of analyte-to-IS ratio in each well of the plate, making it much easier to detect critical problems or positive samples at a glance!

LazWell96 Heat Map (Analyte/IS Ratio)

LazScreen can be customized to fit your system – whether you need an Excel file, text or CSV, everything can be done. Just give us your specs, and we can deliver the software that your lab needs.

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