LazPharm System: A Breakthrough System for Real High-Throughput Analysis using Mass Spectrometry

Many drug discovery laboratories are adopting mass spectrometry in their methods as it is a robust and precise technique. However, historically, mass spectrometers weren’t designed to handle a high volume of samples – given that it is usually a GC or an LC that is set up at the front end of the MS, analyzing a great amount of samples in a short period of time wasn’t necessary.

However, high-throughput technologies such as the Luxon Ion Source®, which can analyze samples in less than a second, now make the analysis speed of the MS a limiting step in the process.

For instance, the delay induced by the mass spectrometer synchronization protocol and controlling PC communications alone can add up to 15 seconds to get the MS “ready” signal between each sample. To minimize communication delays, a single-file data acquisition approach must be used. As current mass spectrometer software are not designed to perform such data analysis, we have launched a fully automated data analysis pipeline software to enable the integration of multiple LUXON-MS sample data – the LazPharm System.

Single-File Data Acquisition by the LazPharm System

Learn more about the LazPharm System here

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