Gin Botanicals Profiling using PAL RTC Headspace-SPME in GCxGC/MS

Are you enjoying what is left of the summer? Perhaps you like to relax on the patio with a refreshing Gin & Tonic? And if you are in Canada, you may have noticed that local gins have become increasingly popular: sales of gin went from $180M in 2011 to $286M in 2018. So, what makes gin so interesting and unique? Each brand creates its own bouquet of botanicals with which the neutral spirit macerates. Some gins are even flavoured by vapour, but in both cases, “large numbers of compounds contributing to the aroma and flavour of gins coupled with the fact that flavour- and fragrance-key components can be present at very low concentrations makes chemical profiling challenging.“

With a PAL RTC system, using the Headspace-SPME Arrow method in GCxGC/MS, it is becoming easy to profile all the subtle aromas and fragrances present in a flavored gin. Read the following application note to learn more about this technique.

Gin Botanicals Profiling

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