Automation: The Solution to a Growing Demand for Testing Laboratories in the Cannabis Industry

After multiple attempts to legalize possession of a small amount of cannabis in Canada – namely bill C-38 that was proposed in 2003 under prime minister Jean Chretien and a similar bill proposed in 2004 under prime minister Paul Martin – on October 17th, 2018, marked the first day of the legalization of recreational-use marijuana in Canada.

The Government of Canada had to prepare regulations as to how medical and recreational cannabis can be produced and tested. And the increasing demand for cannabis is forcing testing laboratories to consider automating their analyses. Sample preparation being a time-consuming step in the analysis, PAL Systems propose automating the extraction of drug metabolites, namely THC, from hair samples in this application note.

The setup for this GC-MS application is composed of :
• Dilutor tool
• 2 x park stations to hold a dilutor tool, a headspace tool and 3 x liquid syringe tools to hold syringes of different sizes
• Vortex Mixer
• MHE Adapter
• Heater/Agitator
• Sample tray holder with 1 x VT15 rack holding 20ml vials and 2 x VT54 racks to hold 2ml vials
• Sample tray holder with 1 x HT54-2 heated rack for 2ml vials and 2 x HT12-2 racks for 2ml vials
• Large Wash Module
• Solvent Module

The PAL RTC, however, can contain a multitude of different modules depending on the sample preparation steps required for a given application.

Want to learn more about all the modules that can be contained in a PAL RTC? Contact us!

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