Phytronix Technologies Nominated as Best Laboratory Scientific Instruments Manufacturer – Canada at the International Life Sciences Awards 2018

Quebec City, QC & Florence, IT – Phytronix Technologies Inc. is proud to announce at the IMSC in Florence, Italy, this week that the company won The International Life Sciences Awards 2018 as the Best Laboratory Scientific Instruments Manufacturer – Canada published by Global Health & Pharma.

Phytronix Technologies was chosen thanks to the global positioning of its high-quality instrumentation and services. Since the year 2000, Phytronix has been able to build an expertise and a strong reputation in various laboratories and in multiple fields around the world such as in Pharma, Clinical, Toxicology and in the Food Safety.

Paving the way for mass spectrometry in the High-Throughput Screening market

Phytronix launched a brand new LUXON Ion Source® model that allows the analysis of 1536-well plates,  thus being compatible with current workflows in High-Throughput Screening (HTS) for mass spectrometry. Until the arrival of LUXON Ion Source®, the fastest process for mass spectrometry, the HTS market was out of reach for mass spectrometer manufacturers, given that no process was able to reach the sample-to-sample analysis speed and sensitivity of traditional plate readers.

«Given the intense competitivity in our industry and as a key player, we often compare our situation towards the big companies in our field to a David-versus-Goliath game! All the current major players in the mass spectrometry field are actively working on developing the future competitor to our LDTD® technology. The biggest challenge, for any company in our industry, is to stay relevant and constantly be at the fore-front of technology. That is why we invest so much of our time to the research and development of our core business: high-throughput analysis» says Jean Lacoursière, President of Phytronix Technologies.

Now, our customers finally have a path into an inaccessible field. Phytronix’s presence in the HTS market represents immense opportunities for the future of mass spectrometry in life sciences in general.

With a new market to explore and many major projects on the way, sky is the limit to where LDTD® technology can take Phytronix.

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