Success Stories Series: Method Development for Eurofins Scientific

Eurofins Scientific is a world-renowned company which provides a wide and comprehensive range of analytical testing services around the world. Today, its network accounts for over 400 laboratories in 44 countries around Europe, North and South America and Asia-Pacific.

The relationship between Phytronix Instruments and Eurofins Environment Testing Canada in Montréal is a long-lasting one. Phytronix was – and still is – a service-provider for repairs, installation and much more for Eurofins, for many of their instruments, regardless of the brand.

In their constant quest for improvement, Eurofins was looking to optimize their PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) analytical method. Thanks to the highly qualified staff at Phytronix, and their broad knowledge of methods used around the analytical laboratories field, Eurofins chose Phytronix to help develop a new method that would be very robust, with faster runtime and lower limits of quantitation (LOQ).

At Phytronix, your bank of service hours can be used for different purposes and the client chooses how and when to use them.

After about a year of consulting, testing and validation, the new PAH method was up and running.

When asked if the developed method has answered their needs, the answer is: “Yes! Almost 100% of our PAH park uses this method to this day” says Katia Arsenault, the Organic chemistry Coordinator who was actively involved in this project.

Phytronix: Beyond your typical service provision

When Eurofins had to rethink their PAH method, they knew that the secret to a robust method lies in the sum of all the small gains of time and reproducibility within the process.

One of the steps of extraction required the vigorous manual shaking of bottles for long minutes – such as in a liquid-liquid extraction. Thanks to our expertise, we were able to design and create a custom shaker for Eurofins Environment Testing Canada.

The Shaker21, as the name states it, allows to shake 21 bottles at once resulting in an increased reproducibility and efficiency of the mixing. There is also a great gain in time since the samples are being shaken within their original containers. Finally, the shaker allows to tremendously lower the risks of injuries during the manipulations.

The Shaker21, developed by Phytronix for Eurofins Environment Testing Canada

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