Specialty LazWell™ Plates: Designed for the Pickiest of Molecules

Phytronix now has 3 specialty LazWell™ plates available for the LDTD technology, each designed to fit specific needs that laboratories have.

Manufactured in a highly controlled environment, all LazWell™ models are barcoded on two sides ensuring a perfect fit with the volume-dispensing precision and sample traceability of conventional liquid handling systems.

Lazwell™ : The Original Plate

The original LDTD® technology plate holder. It is used for most analyses and is designed to hold microvolumes. Each well can hold up to 10 µL for 96-well model, 2.5 µL for the 384-well model and 1 µL for the 1536-well model, depending on the solvent used.

LazWellHDE: High Desorption Efficiency

Based on the original LazWell, this plate is used for samples containing a high ratio of solvents with low surface tensions (MTBE, EtAc, …). The added coating reins in the solvents, which makes it possible to deposit a larger volume of organic matrices in each well.

LazWell DEC: Desorption Enhancing Coating

Specifically designed to analyze molecules in clean matrices, the coating on this plate increases the desorption of carboxylic acids and lipids. Drug discovery has never been easier.

LazWellAD: Acid Desorption

Seal the deal with this screening tool. It can be used to desorb any and all molecules, whether acidic of basic, and is especially useful for analyses in loaded matrices. The perfect plate for drug tests.

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