LazWell™ Now Come with Two Barcodes for Even Better Traceability!

If part of your job requires that you prepare samples, you have probably been confronted to the fact that liquid handling systems are all different from one another. They can work with one sample at a time, or sometimes 8, some have modules to incubate your samples and some don’t. But most of them have the ridiculously amazing advantage that is: Traceability. You can follow your samples from one end of the robot to the other while making sure that the right sequence was followed. All of this is possible thanks to a simple technology developed in the 1950s called the barcode. 

 For years the LazWell96 and LazWell384 models has been available with a barcode label on its side to allow users to identify their sample holders and for the LDTD technology to detect the plate model inserted into the ionization source. In the last years, we noticed that some robots read the labels on the shorter side of plates, and some on the longer side of plates and this could cause automation headaches for our clients.  

One of the two barcodes on a LazWell™ plate


To help them achieve their highest productivity goals, Phytronix has added a second barcode label, so that now you have twice the reasons to follow your plates. Programming your robots will be simpler. Preparing your samples will be faster. Following your LazWell™ will be easier. 

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