Adding a New Service to our Portfolio: Tecan Liquid-Handling, Detection and Well-Plate Washer Devices

Phytronix has built its excellent reputation on the quality and uniqueness of its services offerings.

From laboratory design to method development to training, we have always highly valued the accompaniment of our clients through every step of their activities.

One of our most popular family of service remains the multi-vendor services that includes repairs, calibration, installation, preventive maintenance etc. The expertise of our staff allows us to offer all the aforementioned services on a countless number of apparatus and on a multitude of brands.


We are now pleased to add to our knowledge and service offering the preventive maintenance, training (hardware and software) and repairs on Tecan liquid handling, detection and well-plate washer equipment.

Our Bank-of-Hours service option can be applied on Tecan devices.

To learn more about our services and our bank of hours, visit:

To get more information about the services we offer on Tecan equipment, send an email to:

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