ASMS 2017 – A Great Success ! Collaboration with Shimadzu

An agreement with Shimadzu was announced during a press conference at the ASMS on June 6th.

We also had the pleasure of welcoming several scientist at our booth and introduce them to the Luxon ion source.

Follow the links bellow to have access to the posters we presented at ASMS 2017

MP 711 Monday : Combined Screening and Quantitative Confirmation of 110 Drugs in Urine by LDTD-MS/MS Using a Generic SPE Procedure

TP 232 Tuesday : Generic Extraction Method for Screening of 8 Drugs of Abuse in Saliva with a Quick Turnaround Analysis by LDTD-MS/MS;l

WP101 Wednesday: Dipyridamole High Throughput Analysis of Drug Metabolism Cells Assay using LDTD-MS/MS

Dipyridamole cell buffer_plasmas_ASMS 2017_final

WP 105 Wednesday: Label Free High Throughput Screening of Amino Acid Based Assays: Old Tricks, New Speed using LDTD-MS/MS

PierrePicard_ASMS 2017_final

ThP 140 Thursday: Hematocrit Effect: Any Influence in Plasmas Sample Analysis or just a DBS Concern?

ThP 141 Thursday: In Tips Micro-Sampling Comparison with Standard Volume Plasma Protein Precipitation with an On-Line Sample Preparation System

On-line RTC extraction_ASMS2017_final

It was a pleasure to meet all of you, thank you for passing by to see us!

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